Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Risk assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assesment Sheet
Interview Title: In the studio with Vendorbelly
Producer: Perry Dabbs
Date: 5nd April 2013
Director: Perry Dabbs
Writer: Perry Dabbs

Filming at Antenna Studio’s 

Possible hazards

Risk - Level of Risk
  • Small space with loose wired may be a tripping hazard. - High
  • Using a lot of electrics that could explode or catch fire. - High
  • Filming in a small-enclosed space that could be a health hazard to the cast and crew. - Medium

  • Will have all wires leading down the side of the room to avoid tripping hazard. 
  • Test all equipment to make sure it is in order and working correctly before use. 
  • Drinks will be on site to avoid dehydration and ill ness of the cast and crew.

Antenna Studios - 020 8653 5200 
Directors Mobile - 07794943432

Emergency services
24 Hour 
186A High St, Beckenham BR3 1EN 2.5 mi E
0844 586 6385 

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