Thursday, 25 April 2013

Evaluation on Feedback

Evaluation on Feedback

The powerpoint pitch I feel went well as reading the feedback I gathered I got the message of the interview through and I presented myself in a clear understandable way. I had enough detail about what I want to do within the interview and gave enough information on how, where and why I was going to film it. 

The feedback showed that the interview that I will film is unique and interesting due to the topic of interviewing a band and also the genre of music that the band are. The choice of me interviewing a sludge rock/stoner metal band has been great as people seem to be interested in this subject matter and will be entertained in watching. another part of feed back I got was about the place in filming and how by filming in a studio will be different from any other interview which is in an empty room with a few topical posters around. 

Looking at the feedback I have seen that the best interview question was about how Vendorbelly formed. The reasons given for this was that it gave an insight into the band and tells a story of how thy got together. By knowing this I will look at how I could improve the other questions by adding more detail to them to gain a better insight into the band. 

The worst question that I was told I had was mainly the question about is it all just sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll and the question about what is the best venue you have performed in. This I can understand and I accept their reasoning as the answers will be to short or due to the fact that the band are not a large band and may have not played in many venues. To avoid the questions being too short I will research how much the band have performed at concerts and I will also propose the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll question at the end. The reason why I would ask this at the end as I feel and some of the feedback still feel that it is a good enough question and I will use it as a summery quick question to end the interview on. 

The main thing that was said that I need to improve on is giving more detail about how I'm going to film, for example if I am going to be using any specific lighting and what camera shots I am going to use. To solve this I will create a shot list to allow me know what I am filming and how the filming will be achieved. I will also create an equipment list and location recce so I know what I will be using and where specifically I will shoot the interview.  

Powerpoint Feedback

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Evaluation on my interview with Vendorbelly.

Evaluation on my interview with Vendorbelly. 

As a whole I feel that the interview with Vendorbelly went well as I got a large amount of information from the band and really got to know them on a personal level through this. I feel that the questions that I asked could have been better but the responses I got back were a massive help as the band gave honest answers and had a lot to talk about. The questions that I gave out I feel could have been better as I had used fillers and hedgers within the questions as I was trying to think of how to phrase the question whilst saying them. 

Despite the last minute change due to redesigning problems I was pleased with the location of filming which was in a small practice studio based locally in Crystal Palace. The reason in why I liked this and the background of the interview is that it got through the personality of the band well. I tried to get through to the audience and show them what Vendorbelly are like as people as well as a band and by using this studio I feel like i have achieved this. 

I have opened up the interview with the band setting up the instruments as I feel that it is a good place to start the Vendorbelly journey, metaphorically speaking. This is the reason why I left in the questions that I did as I wanted it to be entertaining, informative and to tell a story in a chronologic order. I chose to have cutaway's of the band playing as it gives the audience, not only a chance to hear some of the music but also an opportunity to understand the effort that goes into what they do. i have not used any transitions from shot to shot just simple cut's and by doing this I feel I have captured the band through the editing on the interview.

During the filming of the interview, although there was a lot of good information and responses from the band there was however a fair amount of footage filmed that did not show them in the most professional state. This footage I ignored apart from some small parts that I used as a small cutaway which was useful as it broke the structure of the interview up by not having the interview with some music and then repeat that over and over agin.

The camera shot that I gathered when filming went well as I used a selection of experimental shots that I have never used before. A selection of shots I used were high angle shots, close ups and some hand held shots. during the actual interview I had the camera fixed onto the members which went well however I do feel that there needed to be more within it. An example is that for next time filming an interview I would film with a second camera from different angles to make it grab the audience just that little bit more.

Over all I feel the interview went well with getting the message and story across of showing the band and their journey of being dedicated and down to earth people who enjoy the music they create. I also feel that the responses I gathered went well and also the experimental camera shots I got together when filming. The main thing I would change is myself asking the questions. I would make sure that I know and that I am confident asking the questions and I would also have a second camera fixed at a different angle during the interview. 

Editorial Decisions

Editorial Decisions

During editing I had a few problems with getting the interview in the correct time limit of five minutes which has resorted to me having to edit out questions and a large amount of my footage.  this was hard to do as around 89% of the footage I had filmed was useable and gave much more information about Vendorbelly than the interview on it's own would. The questions I kept in was because they was the questions that gave the most information on the band in a chronological order.

I decided to edit the beginning with just the sound and no footage first as I felt that it was something to lead the viewers onto the interview rather than just go straight into it. The transitions I had used are just simple cuts that show the bands underground status and relate to Vendorbelly's personality. I have however used one transition which is a fade into a cutaway. I used this as it was difficult to find the right transition and it did not look neat with just a cut. 

Evaluation of my interview with Oz

Evaluation of my interview with Oz.

The interview as a whole went well, however I fell that there could have been some improvements with the questions and responses. A thing that I felt went well was the positioning of the interviewee. Using the rule of thirds on the left hand side of screen and there was enough room from his headroom from the top of his head to the top of the screen. However I do feel that the camera positioning could have been improved by zooming out as Oz kept on edging more and more to the left going of camera. to avoid this from happening in a next interview i will make sure that there is plenty of room by taking a good look at the camera before hand and assume what could happen within the interview. 

The choice of background I feel went well as the subject matter of the interview was media and the setting was a media classroom, with an Apple Mac at the back but not too much so the shot looked over powered and untidy.

For the first question I had asked I feel that the response I got was too short and not a full answer that would interest the audience. The reason being was that the question I asked was cut short half way through. If the question was to continue there would have been more options to make the interviewee, Oz, think more and have a wider choice and have more to say within his answer.

The next question I had given to Oz was successful as the answer he gave back about being in a short film had lead me on to gather more information for future questions. Oz gave this answer in detail and let the audience know more than the last question as he stated what he done, when he done it and how long it went on for.

Throughout the interview I noticed that my questions I asked were not the best but they made Oz feel comfortable as his body language and posture became more relaxed. I noticed this as at the start of the interview he had his hand to his face which gradually moved away during the questions asked.

I did not particularly like the third question that I had asked as I felt it was short and did not open it up enough. I could easily improve this for next time by looking at the questions in more detail and do more research on Oz so I would have a rough idea on the answer and ask questions in more detail. However, Oz then decided to retort with a great response of what the film was about and gave a quick but detailed summary. 

The question after did not get me a great answer as, like the first one, I was cut off short and did not get a chance to ask the full question. An improvement here is that a possibility was that I was not comfortable asking the questions so I will build that up and try not use hedging in my speech where i would not use 'um's or stall through out the question to think of how to phrase the question. 

Shot List

Shot List

The main shot within the interview i want is a fixed camera shot on all three of the band members whilst the questions are being asked and answered. I want it fixed to be to the left slightly so the band members are less tempted to look straight at the camera. 

The other shots I will use are close ups of the instruments when being played, high angle shots from the corner of the room looking out at the band and a range of experimental shots. The reason on why I chose these shots is because i feel that it will go well with the music and the genre of sludge rock/stoner metal. I feel these shots will help to show the personality of Vendorbelly and show the freedom and uniqueness of what they do. 

Evaluation of Questions

Question Evaluation 

How did forming Vendorbelly come around? I feel like this is a good question to open with as it starts from the beginning of the bands journey and is a good introduction question that will be quite informative for the audience to know more about the band. Also by doing the research on them I have found out that the members were in previous bands and I feel that they will have much to talk about in that area. 

On what terms did the band Jettatura end? This question, I chose because it ends on from the last question and gives a bit more information about why they split. 

You have your EP out now, Waving Lines, how was the process in recording it and was there any specialised or specific equipment used in the studio? By asking this I am hoping that i will know more detail in if there is any other instruments used on any tracks, if there was any specific pedals or any unusual elements they have brought to the EP. 

Releasing the EP, what methods have you used to promote the music and how do you feel it will affect your audience and the music itself? Proposing this question, not only it will be informative for the viewer but it will also help put out what Vendorbelly have achieved to do. By mentioning their websites and ways of how they have set it up so people can listen to their music will make the audience interested in not only the interview but the music too.

The genre of your music, sludge rock/stoner metal, how did that come about? Have you guy's always liked this music and what were the bands you've listened to and have influences from? I feel that this question is perfect for the interview as it will make the viewer find out more of the band and band members on a personal level rather than just a band and listener level. 

What was the best venue you have performed in and what made it so? This question I have picked to find out about the places they play and to find out their views on their own concerts.

Listening to the EP Waving Lines, it's all your original songs. Have you had thoughts on playing or even recording a cover? I will ask this as hopefully it will give more information on the bands future and how they will incorporate other bands songs to make them their own.

Has there been any overly strange people at your concerts and if so what was the weirdest thing they done? What i want to achieve from this question is to find out more about the fans of their music rather than the band themselves.  

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Interviewing Vendorbelly

Props and Mise-en-scene

Props and mise-en-scene

The props being used for the interview will include range of instruments and equipment used for musical purposes. I will be using a guitar, bass, drums, blue box and big muff pedals, a range of amplifiers, microphones, microphone stands, plectrums and drum sticks. All props will be supplied by the band and studio and will be used to fill out the interview questions with shots of the band Vendorbelly during their rehearsals on their songs.

The background of where I will be filming will include the props around the room of the studio. The room will be soundproof so the walls will have some type of proofing on for example carpet or foam. The clothes within the interview will be the bands everyday casual dress wear as I want the interview to show Venderbelly for the people who they are and not just showing the band with their music.

Location Recce

Location Recce

Location Recce Sheet
Interview Title: In the studio with Vendorbelly. 
Producer: Perry Dabbs
Date: 28th March 2013
Director: Perry Dabbs
Writer: Perry Dabbs

The studio that i am filming in is a small room that is carpeted walls and floor for sound proofing with most of the equipment needed already there for use. 

Access: is through the main door at the front or the large black drive in doors to the side of the building.                                                    
Potential Filming Problems: The problems that i may face whilst filming are that the studio is booked or the band members fall ill on the day of filming. To avoid this I will make sure that the room is booked out to us a week or so before and I will be in contact with the band up until filming to know if anything is happening with any band members. 

Name and number of location contact: Antenna Studios Bowyers Yard, Haynes Ln, Crystal Palace, London SE19 3AN 
020 8653 5200 

Health and Safety Concerns: The room that I will be filming in is unaired and a small space to work in. the room will get easily heated so there will be brakes and drinks through out filming to avoid any dehydration and illness. 

Production Log

18th March – contacted Vendorbelly about filming.

19th March – Created questions to interview the band. 

21st March – scouted out the studio for risks and filming ideas. 

25th March – discovery of a redesign in the studio so unable to film. 

27th March – location scouting.

29th March – Antenna Studios found in Crystal Palace. 

2nd April – contact band and organized filming.

5th April – looked at the studio and created risk assessment.

9th April – sent all information about the interview to Vendorbelly.

12th April – met up with the band to discuss about filming, how it’s going to work and organizing the meet up in more detail. 

17th April – film interview with the band, 7pm to 11pm.

18th April – edit footage and discovered a fault, so needed to covert all video files from mts. to mp4. 

19th April - edit converted footage to create the interview. 

Risk assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assesment Sheet
Interview Title: In the studio with Vendorbelly
Producer: Perry Dabbs
Date: 5nd April 2013
Director: Perry Dabbs
Writer: Perry Dabbs

Filming at Antenna Studio’s 

Possible hazards

Risk - Level of Risk
  • Small space with loose wired may be a tripping hazard. - High
  • Using a lot of electrics that could explode or catch fire. - High
  • Filming in a small-enclosed space that could be a health hazard to the cast and crew. - Medium

  • Will have all wires leading down the side of the room to avoid tripping hazard. 
  • Test all equipment to make sure it is in order and working correctly before use. 
  • Drinks will be on site to avoid dehydration and ill ness of the cast and crew.

Antenna Studios - 020 8653 5200 
Directors Mobile - 07794943432

Emergency services
24 Hour 
186A High St, Beckenham BR3 1EN 2.5 mi E
0844 586 6385