Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Evaluation on my interview with Vendorbelly.

Evaluation on my interview with Vendorbelly. 

As a whole I feel that the interview with Vendorbelly went well as I got a large amount of information from the band and really got to know them on a personal level through this. I feel that the questions that I asked could have been better but the responses I got back were a massive help as the band gave honest answers and had a lot to talk about. The questions that I gave out I feel could have been better as I had used fillers and hedgers within the questions as I was trying to think of how to phrase the question whilst saying them. 

Despite the last minute change due to redesigning problems I was pleased with the location of filming which was in a small practice studio based locally in Crystal Palace. The reason in why I liked this and the background of the interview is that it got through the personality of the band well. I tried to get through to the audience and show them what Vendorbelly are like as people as well as a band and by using this studio I feel like i have achieved this. 

I have opened up the interview with the band setting up the instruments as I feel that it is a good place to start the Vendorbelly journey, metaphorically speaking. This is the reason why I left in the questions that I did as I wanted it to be entertaining, informative and to tell a story in a chronologic order. I chose to have cutaway's of the band playing as it gives the audience, not only a chance to hear some of the music but also an opportunity to understand the effort that goes into what they do. i have not used any transitions from shot to shot just simple cut's and by doing this I feel I have captured the band through the editing on the interview.

During the filming of the interview, although there was a lot of good information and responses from the band there was however a fair amount of footage filmed that did not show them in the most professional state. This footage I ignored apart from some small parts that I used as a small cutaway which was useful as it broke the structure of the interview up by not having the interview with some music and then repeat that over and over agin.

The camera shot that I gathered when filming went well as I used a selection of experimental shots that I have never used before. A selection of shots I used were high angle shots, close ups and some hand held shots. during the actual interview I had the camera fixed onto the members which went well however I do feel that there needed to be more within it. An example is that for next time filming an interview I would film with a second camera from different angles to make it grab the audience just that little bit more.

Over all I feel the interview went well with getting the message and story across of showing the band and their journey of being dedicated and down to earth people who enjoy the music they create. I also feel that the responses I gathered went well and also the experimental camera shots I got together when filming. The main thing I would change is myself asking the questions. I would make sure that I know and that I am confident asking the questions and I would also have a second camera fixed at a different angle during the interview. 

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  1. This is a merit Perry. To get "Distinction" you need to more closely analyse the questions and answers you received, don't forget that this Unit is about all aspects of interview techniques, not just the technical aspects of shooting an interview.