Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Evaluation of my interview with Oz

Evaluation of my interview with Oz.

The interview as a whole went well, however I fell that there could have been some improvements with the questions and responses. A thing that I felt went well was the positioning of the interviewee. Using the rule of thirds on the left hand side of screen and there was enough room from his headroom from the top of his head to the top of the screen. However I do feel that the camera positioning could have been improved by zooming out as Oz kept on edging more and more to the left going of camera. to avoid this from happening in a next interview i will make sure that there is plenty of room by taking a good look at the camera before hand and assume what could happen within the interview. 

The choice of background I feel went well as the subject matter of the interview was media and the setting was a media classroom, with an Apple Mac at the back but not too much so the shot looked over powered and untidy.

For the first question I had asked I feel that the response I got was too short and not a full answer that would interest the audience. The reason being was that the question I asked was cut short half way through. If the question was to continue there would have been more options to make the interviewee, Oz, think more and have a wider choice and have more to say within his answer.

The next question I had given to Oz was successful as the answer he gave back about being in a short film had lead me on to gather more information for future questions. Oz gave this answer in detail and let the audience know more than the last question as he stated what he done, when he done it and how long it went on for.

Throughout the interview I noticed that my questions I asked were not the best but they made Oz feel comfortable as his body language and posture became more relaxed. I noticed this as at the start of the interview he had his hand to his face which gradually moved away during the questions asked.

I did not particularly like the third question that I had asked as I felt it was short and did not open it up enough. I could easily improve this for next time by looking at the questions in more detail and do more research on Oz so I would have a rough idea on the answer and ask questions in more detail. However, Oz then decided to retort with a great response of what the film was about and gave a quick but detailed summary. 

The question after did not get me a great answer as, like the first one, I was cut off short and did not get a chance to ask the full question. An improvement here is that a possibility was that I was not comfortable asking the questions so I will build that up and try not use hedging in my speech where i would not use 'um's or stall through out the question to think of how to phrase the question. 

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