Thursday, 25 April 2013

Evaluation on Feedback

Evaluation on Feedback

The powerpoint pitch I feel went well as reading the feedback I gathered I got the message of the interview through and I presented myself in a clear understandable way. I had enough detail about what I want to do within the interview and gave enough information on how, where and why I was going to film it. 

The feedback showed that the interview that I will film is unique and interesting due to the topic of interviewing a band and also the genre of music that the band are. The choice of me interviewing a sludge rock/stoner metal band has been great as people seem to be interested in this subject matter and will be entertained in watching. another part of feed back I got was about the place in filming and how by filming in a studio will be different from any other interview which is in an empty room with a few topical posters around. 

Looking at the feedback I have seen that the best interview question was about how Vendorbelly formed. The reasons given for this was that it gave an insight into the band and tells a story of how thy got together. By knowing this I will look at how I could improve the other questions by adding more detail to them to gain a better insight into the band. 

The worst question that I was told I had was mainly the question about is it all just sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll and the question about what is the best venue you have performed in. This I can understand and I accept their reasoning as the answers will be to short or due to the fact that the band are not a large band and may have not played in many venues. To avoid the questions being too short I will research how much the band have performed at concerts and I will also propose the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll question at the end. The reason why I would ask this at the end as I feel and some of the feedback still feel that it is a good enough question and I will use it as a summery quick question to end the interview on. 

The main thing that was said that I need to improve on is giving more detail about how I'm going to film, for example if I am going to be using any specific lighting and what camera shots I am going to use. To solve this I will create a shot list to allow me know what I am filming and how the filming will be achieved. I will also create an equipment list and location recce so I know what I will be using and where specifically I will shoot the interview.  

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