Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Evaluation of Questions

Question Evaluation 

How did forming Vendorbelly come around? I feel like this is a good question to open with as it starts from the beginning of the bands journey and is a good introduction question that will be quite informative for the audience to know more about the band. Also by doing the research on them I have found out that the members were in previous bands and I feel that they will have much to talk about in that area. 

On what terms did the band Jettatura end? This question, I chose because it ends on from the last question and gives a bit more information about why they split. 

You have your EP out now, Waving Lines, how was the process in recording it and was there any specialised or specific equipment used in the studio? By asking this I am hoping that i will know more detail in if there is any other instruments used on any tracks, if there was any specific pedals or any unusual elements they have brought to the EP. 

Releasing the EP, what methods have you used to promote the music and how do you feel it will affect your audience and the music itself? Proposing this question, not only it will be informative for the viewer but it will also help put out what Vendorbelly have achieved to do. By mentioning their websites and ways of how they have set it up so people can listen to their music will make the audience interested in not only the interview but the music too.

The genre of your music, sludge rock/stoner metal, how did that come about? Have you guy's always liked this music and what were the bands you've listened to and have influences from? I feel that this question is perfect for the interview as it will make the viewer find out more of the band and band members on a personal level rather than just a band and listener level. 

What was the best venue you have performed in and what made it so? This question I have picked to find out about the places they play and to find out their views on their own concerts.

Listening to the EP Waving Lines, it's all your original songs. Have you had thoughts on playing or even recording a cover? I will ask this as hopefully it will give more information on the bands future and how they will incorporate other bands songs to make them their own.

Has there been any overly strange people at your concerts and if so what was the weirdest thing they done? What i want to achieve from this question is to find out more about the fans of their music rather than the band themselves.  

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  1. This is a good in depth analysis Perry. Please, make sure you have used the same font all the way through. To achieve distinction you need to use more relevant terminology like "openning" or "building" questions.