Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Editorial Decisions

Editorial Decisions

During editing I had a few problems with getting the interview in the correct time limit of five minutes which has resorted to me having to edit out questions and a large amount of my footage.  this was hard to do as around 89% of the footage I had filmed was useable and gave much more information about Vendorbelly than the interview on it's own would. The questions I kept in was because they was the questions that gave the most information on the band in a chronological order.

I decided to edit the beginning with just the sound and no footage first as I felt that it was something to lead the viewers onto the interview rather than just go straight into it. The transitions I had used are just simple cuts that show the bands underground status and relate to Vendorbelly's personality. I have however used one transition which is a fade into a cutaway. I used this as it was difficult to find the right transition and it did not look neat with just a cut. 

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  1. This post is a bit basic Perry. You need to include screen shots of your timeline to get this post up to Merit. For Distinction you need to carefully evaluate the specific things that went well and what could be improved.