Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Props and Mise-en-scene

Props and mise-en-scene

The props being used for the interview will include range of instruments and equipment used for musical purposes. I will be using a guitar, bass, drums, blue box and big muff pedals, a range of amplifiers, microphones, microphone stands, plectrums and drum sticks. All props will be supplied by the band and studio and will be used to fill out the interview questions with shots of the band Vendorbelly during their rehearsals on their songs.

The background of where I will be filming will include the props around the room of the studio. The room will be soundproof so the walls will have some type of proofing on for example carpet or foam. The clothes within the interview will be the bands everyday casual dress wear as I want the interview to show Venderbelly for the people who they are and not just showing the band with their music.

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  1. This is a bit rushed Perry, but there is just enough to get you a pass. To get Merit, you must include some images of your props and evaluate their usage in more detail.