Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Location Recce

Location Recce

Location Recce Sheet
Interview Title: In the studio with Vendorbelly. 
Producer: Perry Dabbs
Date: 28th March 2013
Director: Perry Dabbs
Writer: Perry Dabbs

The studio that i am filming in is a small room that is carpeted walls and floor for sound proofing with most of the equipment needed already there for use. 

Access: is through the main door at the front or the large black drive in doors to the side of the building.                                                    
Potential Filming Problems: The problems that i may face whilst filming are that the studio is booked or the band members fall ill on the day of filming. To avoid this I will make sure that the room is booked out to us a week or so before and I will be in contact with the band up until filming to know if anything is happening with any band members. 

Name and number of location contact: Antenna Studios Bowyers Yard, Haynes Ln, Crystal Palace, London SE19 3AN 
020 8653 5200 

Health and Safety Concerns: The room that I will be filming in is unaired and a small space to work in. the room will get easily heated so there will be brakes and drinks through out filming to avoid any dehydration and illness. 


  1. This is a very detailed Recce post Perry. I particularly like how you analyse the problems that your location had. Distinction.

  2. Distinction

    Really well done Perry