Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Production Log

18th March – contacted Vendorbelly about filming.

19th March – Created questions to interview the band. 

21st March – scouted out the studio for risks and filming ideas. 

25th March – discovery of a redesign in the studio so unable to film. 

27th March – location scouting.

29th March – Antenna Studios found in Crystal Palace. 

2nd April – contact band and organized filming.

5th April – looked at the studio and created risk assessment.

9th April – sent all information about the interview to Vendorbelly.

12th April – met up with the band to discuss about filming, how it’s going to work and organizing the meet up in more detail. 

17th April – film interview with the band, 7pm to 11pm.

18th April – edit footage and discovered a fault, so needed to covert all video files from mts. to mp4. 

19th April - edit converted footage to create the interview. 

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