Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Team Meeting Minutes

Team Meeting Minutes

Team meeting 1: 8th April 2013
In this meeting we sat and looked over the storyboard. By looking at this we came up with ways to make the animation itself relate closely to the story. We thought about how we could make the characters look believable through the image and movement. After discussing the pros and con's of each medium we found that claymation would be the best option for our type of advert. The reasons for this being that we were able to create any props we needed from scratch and give the characters individual details to make the animation more realistic and hard hitting on the audience, along with the claymation being the smoothest moving animations from our tests before. 

Team meeting 2: 12th April 2013
In this session we talked about making the models move and giving them "life". To make it look like the man is walking into the shot and is not just jumping closer and closer to the screen we talked about how we could achieve it looking real. We looked at the leg and how a person would move each section differently to create the one movement. By looking at and following this we were able to form an animation that looked realistic and believable to the audience. 

Team meeting 3: 16th April 2013
The final meeting involved us looking at the animation and discussing what sound we was going to add. We already had the idea of using all natural sounds but we was still troubled on which to use. After sampling a few we were able to come to an agreement on which ones fitted best and which ones would go well and synchronize with the video. 

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