Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Questionnaire Analysis

Questionnaire Analysis 

From my survey that I have sent out to a range of people I have gathered back information that will help me create my charity animation. These include the age, gender preferences in music for the animation, the style in animation they would like to see and what they would like to see within an advert for the charity Dog's Trust. Also by doing this survey I have found a target audience that I can work my advert around and market to.

The results that I have collected show me that my main target audience would be people aged 16-20. It also tells me that over half of the people who filled out the survey are students and from this information here I can assume that the majority of my audience would be teenagers. I have assumed this due to the fact that if they are 16-20 and are students the are most likely still in a full time education therefore being a teenager. I would have to make my advert fitting to this audience and from the information that is given to me through my survey i can fit the genre and story around what the interest of the teenage audience are.

The main answer I got from the question 'What do you think will go well within an advert for the dog's charity Dog's Trust?' was about playing a guilt card. The suggestions were about showing images of "a dog both happy and sad" which play's with the audiences emotion. I will incorporate it within my advert by showing a dog in need and then show the transition on how the charity helps the dog for a better life. This would be good as it will show the audience what can happen when people help and will personalize the advert to that person who is watching. This way reaching out to them and getting out the message of what Dog's Trust is about.

Around 73% of the people who took the survey were male out numbering the female by a large amount. I have taken this into consideration and have thought on how I could reach that missing female target audience. How I would do this is by not gender specifying the advert. And along with the medium I have chosen out of the two that the target audience are wanting to see the most, claymation, the advert will suit an audience of both genders.

As for the soundtrack the target audiences reply was for a transition in music. Going from slow dark music to a more up beat cheerful sound. The reasoning be hind this is to go with the idea of the transition of helping the dog in need. There was also replies about natural sounds which I feel that I may incorporate into the advert to show it in a more realistic manor to affect the audience and make them think more about what they are watching. 

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