Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dog's Trust Animation Evaluation

Dog's Trust Animation Evaluation

Filming the animation for the advert went well in many cases however there were a few thing that I feel I could have changed. The process in filming I thought went well and was easy enough but I did find that it was time consuming. The reason for this being was I had to make every individual character and prop out of scratch from plasticine. This affected the amount of shooting time I had which caused the animation to look like it doesn't flow as much as I would have liked it to. A way that I could have avoided this was to spend more time on the animation itself and taking more shots where there would have been ore movement in the characters to make it look less jumpy.  

One thing I found went well within the animation was the soundtrack. Using the editing software Final Cut was handy to have to use as I was able to easily import audio and also change the audio to best suit the visuals. By this I mean that I was able to change volume of the breathing of the dog as it got closer and further away from the camera. I done this to give the animation more depth so it did not seem like a 2D animation and intrigues the attention of the audience more. 

I am, personally, on a neutral feeling about my aim to get the message of Dog's Trust across. On one had I feel that I have shown the message through the story. Showing the dog in need of help and then having the transition of it being helped by a member of Dog's Trust shows the audience that people can make a difference to the lives of stray and abandoned dogs. However, I do feel that the animation itself was slightly too fast. By it being too fast I feel as if the audience watching did not have enough time to get this message I was trying to convey. 

The presentation that I pitched for Dog's Trust went well as I feel I was confident in my ideas and would be able to target to an audience that would suit the same of the charity itself. I showed the ideas of what I could achieve and demonstrated how I would do this using examples from previous work. 

I showed the client a short test shot of a claymation turtle which lasted for a three second period. This was enough to show the modeling skills and show an example of how the characters would move within the advert. 

In conclusion I felt that the whole process went well and I achieved what I had set out to do. 

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