Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pitch Feedback and Justification of Idea

Pitch Feedback and Justification of Idea

From the feed back about my idea's for the animation I have chosen to do I have found many things that I could use and change to improve upon this idea. Using this feedback I now have a wider idea of what I need to do to achieve reaching my target audience.

Justification of my Idea.
The reason why I have chosen this idea is due to the fact that it has the highest possibilities of meeting my aim and also a large potential of reaching the target audience. By using claymation animation the audience that I am trying to reach would mainly be around the age of teenagers. The reasoning behind why I have chosen this medium is that i would be able to create all the characters and props specifically to how I would see fitting to reach this audience and personalize the advert to them.

I have picked to do this story as I have looked at other adverts for other charities and they mostly all follow the same structure. This story will show a dog in need and then show a transition in the middle where it is found and helped to live a better life by a member of Dog's Trust.

However I would need to plan this animation well and manage time due to the negative affect of using plasticine. This problem is that it is time consuming and will have to be a patient project. To make sure this is not a problem I will plan out the production into three sections. Making and designing the characters, set's, and props, filming the animation and lastly the edit where I would add in the audio and cut parts that need to be worked on.

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