Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Online Screening

Online Screening

For my online screening I gathered a selection of people together to view the advert online through the use of Blogger. This was interesting to do as I gathered information about how I could have improved the advert and what I needed to do to achieve this. Along with the improvements I also got back feedback of what went well within the animation and what the audience liked. 

WWW: The things that was said that went well throughout the advert was the story, sound, and mediums used. The story of the advert and the message that I was aiming to get across to the audience was done well as the majority of the audience commented on how the story was understandable and clear. With hearing this information I am pleased that this was the main thing that the audience noticed due to a charity advert having a message within the story. 

The online viewers also had comments to say about the use of foley and choice in soundtrack within the animation. They thought that the sounds suited the image on screen and synchronized well with these visuals. The foley within the animation is probably the part I am most proud of due to the fact that I feel it makes it that more realistic. To show this to the online audience I played the advert through with no audio and the response I received was that most of the audience got bored of the animation or that it didn't have that much more of a story. 

Another element that they commented on was that the medium I had chosen to use. This was the fact of the audience and my target audience enjoying that type of animation and having an interest in this style, claymation. 

Although the animation had some things that the viewers thought went well the was however some things that they did not enjoy and could have been improved. 

EBI: There was animation in the feedback about the speed of the animation, the distance and the models themselves in one scene. The speed of the animation was a bit too fast paced throughout and was slightly hard to keep up with. A way I could have avoided this comment was by spending more time and taking more images with moving the models less in each shot. 

The second thin in the improvements that I gathered was about the distance in the animation. The audience felt that the advert was too far away so it would have had less of an affect on the target audience. This takes away the feeling that the advert is personalized to an audience. 

The final improvement was due to a scene where there is a close up of the dog as it is eating some scraps off of a chicken bone. To achieve this i had to make a larger scale model of the dog's head and a larger chicken bone. The replica of the head had used the same colours of the original dog however it did not completely resemble the dog. However, this close up makes the dog look more of a "savage" which gets across the message that the dog in the first half is a stray, unhealthy dog. 

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