Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Annotated Screen Grabs

Annotated Screen Grabs
The tool that came in handy the most was the 'razor blade' tool. This allowed me to cut any specific amount of audio that I needed. Along with this was the 'pen' tool. this allowed me to easily change the volume of the audio at specific times as seen below. the pink lines on the green audio show the volume at which the audio is at. I faded in and out the audio at points to show in the animation the dog is getting further and closer to the camera to give it more of a third dimension.  

To the right is a the bar in which the I could tell if the audio was too loud or not loud enough. the colour would move up and down either in the red zone or the green zone. Depending on how close the colour is to the yellow line depends if the sound is at a level which is suitable for the film.

To the left is the 'bin' this is where all audio and footage is kept. This was a handy way to manage my files well. If
I needed any thing from this i could just click and drag it into my workspace and start editing.

The screen shot on the right is where I edited the audio. The blue arrows indicate where I have edited the clip to have a start point and a finishing point.

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