Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lighting Task

Lighting Task

The lighting for animation is a very important par

t of filming and has to be taken into great consideration. The reason for this is that it can change the views of the audience and also how they interpret what is being shown on screen. An example of this is film genres where within the genre of horror, like the film 'Paranorman', the lighting is dark and minimal to show that there is a fear of danger within the film or a possibility of something bad happening. Whereas within the genre of a kids film like 'Fantastic Mr Fox' there would be more lighting which will show that although there are problems throughout the film the characters are always going to be within a certain degree of safety within what they are doing.

For the lighting through out my animation I will have a standing lamp looking straight on at the animation. The reason for this is that I want the advert to have a slightly realistic feel to show the realism of the charity and what they do. I will be having the lamp as if it was natural lighting so for the first scene where the dog is in the rain the lighting will be dim and for the second scene the lighting will be brighter to represent a better healthier life for the dog. I will be doing this as the advert will not have much detail within the background to tell the audience how to feel.

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