Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Consideration of Camera

Consideration of Camera 

The first camera shot that I have in mind to use is a close up. I will be getting a close up of the dog in my animation as it is trying to get scraps off of a thrown away chicken bone. The reasoning for this is that I want to grab the emotion of the dog and make the audience feel and know that this is an abandoned stray dog. I feel this would go well with the advert as it plays on the emotion of guilt to make the audience want to help and support the charity Dog's Trust.

The next shot I have thought of using within my animation is a full shot that will include the whole set. I will be using this to show the weather in the first segment to use as a metaphor for the loneliness and fear that the dog feels. In my views this will help personalize the advert as the audience will know how rain and thunder feels and how it is an unpleasant feeling.

Another shot that I will be using is a Long Shot while the man and the dog is walking into the next shot. The reason for this shot is that I want to show the dog and the man in the same shot with some space behind to show that they are moving and going to another place. I will be using this to show the transition between the scenes however it will not include the man's head as I want to show the audience that anyone can help and no specific person is looked for to do so. I also feel that it will help focus on the dog and what the charity helps to do rather than the people who help.

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