Friday, 7 June 2013

Documentary Ideas

Documentary Story Ideas

Idea 1: This idea is following a wrestler and his climb to become the tag team champions. The film will follow him training, in and out of the squared circle as well as having interviews with him, his partner, and showing a match through out the film.

Idea 2: The next idea I have is of an underground band showing interviews and practice performances throughout. The documentary will show the band's personality and also show how they want to promote the music rather than the band themselves.

Idea 3: The final idea i have is making a documentary cosplay. I will have a large use of vox pop's and interviews from people who enjoy and are experts at creating the costumes. Filming will be at a range of different conventions like the MCM Expo, London Film And Comic Con... ect...

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  1. Merit - Some really good ideas here

    TO D:
    Detail in the stories is key, give some ideas of an evidence source...