Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Crew Roles

Film title: A dog's life for the better.

Crew Roles

Major Roles

Definition: Someone that is in charge of the advert.
Definition: Someone that helps the advert either by giving ideas and funding the project. 
Director of Photography (D.P.):
Definition: the director of photography is a person that has say over the lighting, colour, filters and camera angle set ups. 
Definition: the person who works on and has the say on the final cut of the advert. 

Camera Operator:
Definition: the cameraman/camera operator is somebody that films the footage for the advert. 
Minor Roles
Assistant Camera (A.C.):
Definition: the assistant camera is a person who maintains the image sharpness on what is being filmed. 
Assistant Director (A.D.):
Definition: an assistant director makes sure that everything is in order, for example the cast have done rehearsals, making up a shooting schedule, directing the extras and more. 
Art Director:
Definition:the art director is responsible for the design in the film. From making sure that models and props are made in time for filming the animation to overlooking the set designs and controlling the budget. 
Production Manager (P.M.):
Definition: the production manager is involved in the planning for the film.  

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