Thursday, 7 February 2013

Stopmotion Mediums

WWW: I liked using clay as I could mould it into anything I wanted and easily create things which I could not using other mediums. i.e. a turtle in clay is easier than making a turtle out of Lego.

EBI: The only EBI I would say is that it is time consuming, as you have to make the characters, props, and settings whereas other mediums you can have them pre-made. 

WWW: I liked the fact that, unlike the claymation, it was not time consuming. this was due to the fact that the objects and the people were already made. I do enjoy the image in this animation and how it looks if it was as smooth as any other animation.

EBI: The faults I have found with this is that it is much harder to control and move the characters which makes the film look jumpy, and although they are made for you, if you wanted a character to look a specific way, it will be hard to. 

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