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Aardman Studios. 
Aardman studio’s is a company that creates animation films using 
the well-known technique of stop-motion. Using this technique 
Aardman has produced the fun memorable animated characters, 
Wallace and Gromit, and the hilarious public voiced Creature 
Comforts. The man responsible for these movie and TV hits is 
animator/director Nick Parker. In 1985 Nick Parker joined Aardman 
studios where he worked on the animation of the show Pee-Wee’s 

Aardman studios use claymation, which is stop motion animation that is made out of 
clay. To which there are many different job roles that are involved. A few of the jobs 
that are involved are Director and Producer, Art Directors, Animators, Editors, Model 
Makers, Sculptors, Painters and many more. 

Job Roles 

Director: The director is in charge and looks over every 
department within the process of making the film. 
However, with some films like ‘Wallace and Gromit in 
the Curse of the Were-Rabbit’ there are two directors 
who are Nick Park and Steve Box. Both directors would 
have put their minds together to come up with ideas and 
work as partners to produce the finished product. For 
example, they would talk about shot’s that they want 
within the film and then they would work on that shot 
together and expand their ideas to achieve the shot, as they both would want. 

Producer: A Producer is the person who would put money into the film and 
sometimes help by inputting their ideas into the film. For example, the producer on 
the Aardman TV series, Julie Lockhart, would have helped put money towards what 
she felt needed the money. If she had thought that the show needed more 
advertisement she would talk to the filmmakers and come to an agreement with them 
to put money and her own ideas to get the advertising in production. 

Art Director: The art director of Aardman would be the person in charge of things 
like the set design and the model makers. Looking over, keeping a watch and 
organizing groups like the painters, model makers, sculptures, set designers and more 
the art director has a large reasonability as they need to get the production of arts 
ready on time for filming.

Animator: An animator is a person who shoots each frame of the animated film. The animator for Wallace and Gromit the curse of the were-rabbit, Will Becher will have to film and take shots of every frame of the film so when they are put together and played through it is as if it's one continuos shot.

Editor: An editor of a film is in charge of putting all the of the footage together to produce a final film. The editors, in Aardmans case David McCormick, will look at each frame and of and place them together in the correct order to make up the final cut of the movie. 

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