Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Interview Questions post

What was your favorite interview and why?
David Frost interviews Richard Nixon because it is about a well known subject that Frost goes into detail with his questions that he gets answer for the public which would not be known if he didn’t ask them questions.

In which interview was the funniest response and the question that prompted it?
Interview with the band Murdrdolls by Kerrang where drummer/guitarist Joey Jordison walks out in response to the question “as you’re fans of everything horror, are you looking forward to the new twilight movie?”

Which interview gave the most emotional response?
The interview that was the most emotional was an interview with Sid Wilson, DJ of the band Slipknot, where he talks about the intro track and what it was. He talks about how it was just after his grandfather died, at the end of recording the album and how he went into the studio and made a hard hitting 59 second intro track.

What was your least favorite interview and why?
The interview I disliked the most was one with Jeremy Paxman and Dizzee Rascal. I did not like this, as interviewee Dizzee Rascal had not done any research on the subject matter before the interview. His questions were not open answers and he was not sure on what to say so he tried to promote his music of hip-hop rather than talk about politics.

What was the best interview question and why?
The best question I listened to was during the Frost/Nixon interview where David Frost proposed the question about Richard Nixon saying something to the public about everything that he had put the people of America through. I like this, as the answer he got was a question from Richard Nixon asking what Frost would like to hear him say. This allowed David frost to say things that he personally thought and was not written down on a card.
Which was the worst question in an interview and why?
The worst question in an interview was one during the Jeremy Paxman and Dizzee Rascal interview and was “Do you believe in political parties in Britain?” I feel that this is a bad question, as it does not open up for an answer, to which Rascal simply replied, “Yes, I do believe in them”.

Who is your favorite interviewer and why?

David frost is my favorite interviewer as he asks personal questions which get detailed answers and gets to know what the viewer wants to know. 

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