Thursday, 17 January 2013

Research 2 Interview/Documentary


Luke Tomkins - Vocals/Guitar
Euan James-Richards - Bass
Joey Flanagan - Drums
Hometown: Bromley UK 
Previous bands: Alien Nation - Luke and Joey only. 
                          Jettatura (Euan joined the band at the start of the formation of Vendorbelly.

"Taller than your last bar order; wider than the Panama Canal. Three musicians from Bromley creating fuzzy, shoe-gazey metallic sounds that will get you tapping your feet and foreheads on the ground. Loud isn't loud enough, go louder."

       Shortly before forming, the members were in the group Jettatura whose one and only gig was in a garden supporting Funeral For A Friend. Vendorbelly hope to best this effort and have FFAF support them. 2012 was the year Vendorbelly came into it's own. Playing a whole slew of shows across London and the surrounding areas with trailblazers such as Bloodshed, this all culminated in their first festival appearance at Danson Park's annual Danson Festival, Bexleyheath. After Danson, the band took a short break from playing shows in order to write and recover (and work outside of the band) but are back and ready to fuzz up unsuspecting ears.

Formed in October 2011 in the wake of their previous band, Luke Tomkins, Joey Flanagan and Euan James-Richards  set about creating heavier music than they were before. The name 'Vendorbelly' came from an arbitrary google search that resulted in a page seeking belly dancers in the small town of Vendor, Arkansas, USA. Initially writing dark punk/metal based music to quell their thirst for aggression, the band spent the majority of 2012 playing shows across London and the south east. Vendorbelly takes influence from many top players in the alternative genre, including Melvins, My Bloody Valentine, Deerhoof and Mudhoney. The band is currently going through a transitional phase from their aggressive roots to a more song-based structure. Their newest EP, 'Waving Lines', is the first step on this road.

Currently recording a music video for the song Cairo by Andy Brack being filmed at dungeness beach. 

Sludge Rock/Stoner Metal. This genre is a mixture of multiple types of music including Doom Metal, Hard Rock Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock and traditional Heavy Metal. Started in the 1990's the genre has seen many bands, like the Californian band Kyuss and Seattle's own Soundgarden, come out and been produced showing the world that this music exists and is an interesting experimental way of creating music. This is what my documentary will be based on showing the audience of today that this music is still around and something that people in the mainstream music industry are unaware of. 

The type of questions I will be proposing to the band will hopefully show a new audience how this music is created/promoted by the band and what are their feelings towards their music in this day in age of "The hit's" charts. 

Genre: Sludge Rock/ Experimental / Stoner Metal.
Discography: Waving Lines - EP : 2013
                       Vendorbelly - EP : 2012

Waving Lines: Recorded January 2013 by Josh Shrives at TBP Studios, Dartford. Mixed & Mastered by Luke Tomkins & Josh Shrives.
released 01 February 2013
Euan James-Richards - bass/ backing vocals
Joey Flanagan - drums/backing vocals on track 1 & 2
Luke Tomkins - mixing, mastering, vocals/lyrics/guitar
Josh Shrives - production, engineering, mastering, guitar on track 2, backing vocals on track 1
Ben Le Marchant - engineering, cello on track 3, backing vocals on track 1


  1. There are some interesting facts here Perry, but is that really all you could find?

    Quality research is key to producing good interview questions.

    Grade - Pass.

    More research will earn you a better grade here.

  2. Well done Perry,

    The extra research for both documentary and Interview brings this up to a Merit