Thursday, 24 January 2013

Questions for Vendorbelly


How did forming Vendorbelly come around and form? 

On what terms did the band Jettatura end?

You have your EP out now, Waving Lines, how was the process in recording it and was there any specialized or specific equipment used in the studio? (Cello/double bass)

Releasing the EP, what methods have you used to promote the music and how do you feel that it will affect your audience and the music itself? (Donations on the website/download)

The genre of your music, sludge rock/stoner metal, how did that come about? Have you guy's always liked this music and what were the bands you've listened to and have influences from?

What was the best venue you have performed in and what made it so?

Listening to the EP Waving Lines, it's all your original songs. Have you had thoughts on playing or even recording a cover? (Nirvana maybe?)

Has there been any overly strange people at your concerts and if so what was the weirdest thing they done?

Is it really all Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Equipment, Instruments, Fans… 

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