Friday, 8 March 2013

Charity Advert Ideas.

Advert Ideas 

Idea 1: Claymation – A dog that is in a cold, dark, damp place. Walking slowly in 
circles the dog then starts to eat some scraps off of a bone. A bystander walks past the 
dog as the dog looks up at him; he stops near the bin and turns back to the dog whilst 
pulling a lead out of his pocket. Attaching the lead to the collar of the dog, the dog 
jumps up at him and is taken out of the cold, dark, damp place and into a park with 
fresh grass, sun, and toy’s for the dog to play with. 

Idea 2: Two dogs in two different homes. One is a small white dog in a clean house 
being fed food and water, a nice bed, and a caring owner. Same thing happens but a 
small black dog, looking for scraps in its home, bad bed, horrible owner. This will 
then show the difference between a dog’s trust home and a bad unhealthy home for a 

Idea 3: Objects and People - A pound coin, follows it and shows the journey of 
buying a toy or food, ect. Showing a spare pound will help a dog in need. The pound 
will start off in a pocket and make it’s way into a charity bucket, out of the bucket 
with other coins, split into groups, traveled to a shop and exchanged for a dog item. It 
will then follow the dog’s item to the dog and show it’s happiness. 

Idea 4: Following a dog and narrated its thoughts. The dog will be outside running 
around, playing, doing an exercise course, and then run in and eating food. All of this 
happens whilst the dog is talking about how this was only possible thanks to dogs 

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